Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumn or Fall

So, is this time of the year autumn or is it fall? This is my blog so I will tell you what I think!

Autumn is something that happens in New England or in Ontario and Quebec. It is this romantic, Martha Stewart kind of season with the 'cooler' days, the gently falling leaves that are every wonderful color that we could imagine. It is the season of carefully planned decorating inside and out with pumpkins, corn stocks, sheaves of grain. It is wonderful aromas of cooking apples, pumpkins and acorns. Autumn just slides into the preparations for the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas with a gentle sprinkling of snow to accentuate the wonder of the season.

In Alberta the bottom FALLs out of summer and we are preparing for the onslaught of winter. We haven't had any days that could be classed as warm, we go from cold to colder to coldest. The leaves are whipped from the trees in winds that take your breath away and many times there is no chance for enjoying color because they are frozen and turn black or brown in early September. The lack of sunshine, well, it tends to make me grumpy and tired. We expect snow at any time and the rain helps make the farmers sad and grumpy too. Then there are the memories that still make me teary, the memories of taking the adult children to college two provinces away. It broke my heart every time it happened.

Okay, I am over reacting. Yes, fall is not my favorite season of the year. But this year I have resolved to see the beauty. And yes, this year the colors are amazing! Even the grasses along the side of the road are red, yellow, orange and healthy brown. I am looking for things to be thankful for and the list is very long.

So..... it is fall for me but this year I choose to see the good.


Red said...

Thinking of you as the season changes dramatically. Still cannot imagine the day that I will have adult children who I will live vicariously through their stories, on their own. Fall is more than a lovely season for me, its a time of rest to really gather lots that I appreciate, family, friends, food. I appreciate reading your thoughts. Please keep sharing :)

Cheyenne said...


I agree!! It's time to hunker down inside and enjoy the beauty from you car window when you drive by those trees. No Fall strolls for me, I can't fit into my skidoo suit!

Oh Sew Good said...

Hmmm? I could be wrong but I'm under the impression you don't much care for Fall at all. :) LOL! I used to live in Alberta too so I know what you mean. You just have a much more interesting way of saying it. :)

Shirley said...

Alberta in autumn can be breathtakingly beautiful- if you live near the foothills as we used to, and can see the changing colours of the trees , but I sure don't miss those winds! We moved to BC a year an a half ago, so far fall is holding off; we are sliding into autumn!

a prairie girl in california said...

i love this !! I here its been a fast quick 'fall' this year!!!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

It's not nearly as cold here in Ontario as you have in Alberta, but I do find I'm sad when fall rolls around as I love summer so much. I decided to list 10 things I like and am looking forward to enjoying each month. It has really helped me focus on being thankful and enjoying the time I am in now.