Thursday, November 27, 2008


We measure time in minutes, hours, days, etc...... I wonder how God views time or does He?  Why would He?

But speaking of time..... much of it has passed since the last entry.  It doesn't mean life is standing still. But neither has it all been doom and gloom like I reported the last time.

I miss my mother-in-law more as time passes.  I realize how I think back to life with her a year ago, to the good times, the good visits.  Yes, things were starting to get a bit rough but I have been remembering the good.

Life also took on a different flavor when my sister who is 8 years older than me moved back to Alberta from the good ole' USA!  She is glad to be back!  

We haven't spent a whole lot of time together for about 40 years.  Yes, we visited on the phone, we saw each other off and on but this has been a month together and I am finding my way.  I had a severe 'little sister complex' for so many years and it is reassuring to know that I have found out that I can live without her stamp of approval on everything I think or do.  

So time passes and I learn and so want to keep learning.  I want to grow to be who I am intended to be but realize that continues to be a life-long process.  I just don't want to get into a rut and end up being "stead fast and unmovable".  I realize that can be a good thing but I am suspicious that the older I get  it can also been pretty obnoxious!

The sunset was amazing once again, another day is over, more time has passed.......