Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I look out the window....

I look out the window and see the snow piled where the flowers were blooming, where the grandkids were running barefoot on a treasure hunt.  I look out the window and see ice on the sidewalk where the rain poured down the spout into a pail that would water the pots of pansies.  I look out the window and see snow covering the last row of potatoes that I did not dig before we went away.   I look out the window and I am thankful for:
-a bag of potatoes that are safe and dry in the garage, enough to last until Christmas
-natural gas that fuels the furnace
-electricity to light the dark evening
-enough $$$$ to pay the gas and electrical bills
-there has been no tornado, earthquake, flood or any other 'natural disaster'
-our house is more than we need, warm and cozy
-the JD Salesman will come home with heart-warming stories
-more than adequate food
-friends who call, Facebook, email and come to care group
-siblings and in-laws who love us
-three 'kids' with amazing spouses and kids of their own
-homes and food for these families
-reliable vehicles to drive on the icy roads
-good roads that are kept relatively clear for driving

Where does the list end?  Does it have an end?  I doubt it.... I don't enjoy cold or winter but today I choose to be thankful for the many, MANY 'gifts' that I have.
I choose to thank God.