Friday, August 31, 2012


A number of years ago I was encouraged to be Facebook member.  Although my 'skills' were (and still are) very limited computer-wise, I was in!  For about a month!  I did not know what all the terminology meant.  I did not know what was 'etiquette'. (is there such?).  I started hearing horror stories regarding privacy invasion.  So, I just quit!

I resisted the encouragements, the scorn of those well-versed in all the ins and outs of Facebook.  I admit to developing a snobbery of my own. "No, I am not on Facebook"probably was said with some satisfaction and weird pride!

Then it dawned on me that I was actually missing out on some local happenings and sometimes events. Good friends recognized my archaic attitudes and would usually phone me but that is hardly fair of me to expect.  I 'lurked' on a family members account but that did not keep me in touch with my community.  I 'heard' of the great photos posted and sometimes would have them forward by friends.

But a couple of weeks ago I relented and tried to set up an account only to find my 'old' account sitting in 'inactive'.  So, there I was, here I am.  On FaceBook......

I am still cautious.  I don't do much posting.  I have become brave enough to add a few comments once in awhile.  But I have discovered some amazing photography, learned of new babies, the health problems of a friend.  I also discovered that I can waste, yes, waste a whole lot of time!  But hopefully I will get a grip, gain some balance, let go of fears and just enjoy the 'good' that is there.

It has taken me goodness knows how many years to become comfortable in the blogging world!  I suspect Facebook will be a way off life for me about the time it becomes obsolete!  

Thursday, August 23, 2012


 Our grandchildren are basically 'city / small- town' kids so there are wonders of country life that are not experienced on a regular basis.
On the last morning of the recent family get-together we did one last Gator exploration of the pasture.  Lo and behold!  A treasure!  A picked-over-by-coyotes carcass of a yearling steer!  It could have been a gold-mine as far as these young'uns were concerned as they loaded the back of the Gators with stinking bones!
All well and good until it came time for the departure for their civilized homes! "You are not taking those with you!"  "But Grandma said I could!"  oops!
The parents relented as a very dry white one was chosen and enclosed in a large garbage bag......

The next young lady's choice was not nearly as dry and the odour was not quite as pleasant!  But the Papa agreed to allow the 'treasure' to travel to the city with the agreement that these would be 'outside toys'.  These were encased in more than one 'odour guard' garbage bag!              

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

of pixies, fairies, leprechauns...

At one time, long ago(!), my most favorist  thing to do was read.  In the midst of all the stories to be read there were some of great imagination.  I don't think I ever truly believed in fairies, pixies or leprechauns but oh, it was such fun to imagine!  I know I imagined and imagined!.  While cutting grass the other morning I came across this toadstool of all toadstools.  A perfect place for pixies, fairies and leprechauns to sing, dance and share the bit of sunshine together............