Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The post from yesterday leaves no doubt that the JD Salesman and I left winter in Alberta and took a trip!
What can I say...... it was so, so good! Someone asked me what was the highlight of our 10 days in Mexico. I could say: the warmth, the green, the beautiful flowers, the park-like grounds of the resort, the moonlight walks on the sand, the peaceful hours in the shade by the pool, the hospitable Mexican people who treated us so kindly, the yummy food that I didn't have to prepare, the variety of food to choose from, watching the para-sailor :), meeting our son's in-laws who were at the same resort (Jay commented that nothing happens 'by chance'), sunrise on the beach......
There was so much to enjoy but I would have to say the highlight was spending 24 hours a day for 10 days with the JD Salesman. We laughed, we cried, talked, were quiet together, read, slept, walked, shared meals, drank champagne, and shared bread and wine in the French restaurant remembering Jesus' love for us.
I went through moments of guilt, feeling self-indulgent in all the luxury of the resort. (I don't advise reading a book by Shane Claiborne while on this type of vacation!). Mostly I chose to enjoy every moment and to be thankful for this 'gift'.
And so, when it came time to leave, I cried. I was ready to go home but I wasn't if that makes sense. No, I guess it doesn't make sense but I suspect others will understand.....
One of the really good things about coming home was the JD Salesman still had 5 days before going back to work! And one of those days was spent traveling to visit the Edmonton family and the birthday boy and girl! How sweet it is....
So, yesterday, it was back to work for the Salesman and he was okay with it! Me? well, I will adjust again and plan to get back into the sewing room. So many projects...... (well, in my mind. Who knows what will come of the dreams!)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Celebrating 60

the John Deere salesman celebrates his 60th birthday!


and away.........