Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It seems to me that we who live on the prairies of Western Canada have this 'love/hate' affair with caraganas. I know that years ago many were planted in fields all over these flat lands to stop soil erosion. They did a great job but after awhile they become unruly and dominate the landscape. But we love them! Well, some people don't and I read that those that don't in the Outlook SK area have been removing miles of them much to the chagrin of the general populace.

When we first moved to this part of the world we decided to get rid of these lowly bushes. But for some reason we changed our minds. We have trimmed a few, getting rid of the older growth and where we did make an attempt to 'destroy' we have a nice hedge of fresh growth. Yes, they are tough!

But after the days of fog last week I realized how gorgeous these dry old sticks can really be. I marveled at the beauty and tried to capture some of it. Pictures don't do it justice but I will share a few anyway.

Besides, I am learning a new camera, my early Christmas present!