Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I recently checked a blog about books the author read in 2008.  Hmmmm... guess he isn't my kind of reference point for reading material.  Don't really enjoy hearing someone 'trash' a book like "The Shack" which was meant to be a metaphor (direct quote from Paul Young).  This critic treated it like it was supposed to be theology or that is how it came across to me.....

So what am I reading that I would recommend?  While on a vacation with my best friend I read 
"The Undertaking" by Thomas Lynch.  It is what the title implies, the story of an undertaker.  Many life observations, well, also some death observations.
"Traveling Mercies" by Anne Lamott. This is not your usual "conversion" story but I found it so very honest and real.  I wonder if we could be that honest in church, with other people if some barriers might be broken re: Christian.
"The Sacred Journey" by Fredrick Buechner.  Someone told me that Buechner says his writings are too liberal to be accepted by evangelicals and too conservative to be accepted by liberals.  He is quite scholarly in some of his writings and I get a little lost.  But he has been a professor at huge universities so that might explain some of his writings.  But this book is a autobiography and again, is honest.  I enjoyed the read.
"What is the What" by Dave Eggers.  This is a novel/biography of the Lost Boys from Sudan.  It is a heart breaking story but I am so glad I am reading it.  I have heard bits and pieces about Africa over the years but I have no idea of the lives, the stories, the pain, the cruelty.  I see why people wonder if there is a God, where He might be, why does He allow what happens..... And where is the justice, the governments of the western world?  It hurts to read this but I am glad I am reading it.  This one takes time.....
Thanks to my Middle Son for loaning these books to me.  I enjoy most of his recommendations!
And I am thankful for the time to read.  I have come to realize these last few days that the whole last year has been rather "tough" and that slowly I am seeing the light in the dark places and seeing how much the physical well being affects the rest!
May I continue to learn.......