Saturday, November 7, 2009


I have had the chance to visit all of our children/grandchildren in their homes in the last month. Grandpa was there for visits with two of the three families.   I guess one of the many advantages of being a Grandma is having the time to just observe, I don't have to worry about all the concerns that come with being the parent.  

One thing that brings such enjoyment is the imagination of all the "Seven".  It is such fun!  They all have their own stories, pictures and thoughts.

One to share:  I was holding Jae and Beck, telling them stories about themselves and then about the three little pigs.  Jae hopped off my knee, started into a tale of her own, climbed back up, put her hands together and opened them, palms up with the command "Read it".

My response was for her to read the "story".  She was still insistent that this was up to me so....
I still have some imagination too so  I told her the words were to small.  That seemed to satisfy and off she went to do something else.