Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This morning as I was wandering the yard, spraying those pesky weeds, I was thinking about a conversation with someone recently.  She said that people 'visit' about three subjects: people, things and ideas.
Initially my thought had been that I prefer to talk about ideas but the more I mulled this over I realize that is not altogether true.  With friends over supper last night we talked a lot about people.  No, we didn't gossip about lives, we talked about her aging parents, the choices they have to make, about her almost adult children, the adult children, their plans, their careers.  I told her about the wonders of grandchildren, about the events of their lives.
The men also talked about people, the events of the past that have shaped their lives.
We talked about things: gardens, homes, vehicles we have to drive, the men discussed farm machinery.
And in the midst of that we talked about ideas: struggles, joys, ways we learn and grow as people, as parents, as children  of our parents and children of God.
Then I thought of how each of those topics can turn negative and can be harmful to myself and others.  Talk of people can become judgmental and self-righteous.  Talk of things can lead to jealousy, discontent, pride.  Talk about ideas can do the same, make me judgmental, proud, self-righteous, discontent and sometimes angry.  Well, maybe a little anger can be good!  Gets me motivated to action sometimes,
So now that I have made the round with the Round-up and dandelion killer...... I have come to the not-so-profound conclusion that my conversations about anything can be positive or negative.  One level of conversation is not 'better' than another.  But it is so encouraging to participate with someone else when you discover you are 'on the same page'.
Thanks to all those great people with whom I can talk and share ideas about most everything, who will listen to the latest story about the grandkids and will talk about quilting or flowers or cooking or how to avoid cooking........ 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7

Yesterday I was wondering, 'how did my Mom feel, what was she thinking 59 years ago'?  Today is my birthday and I cannot get my head around the fact that I am one year away from 60!  Yes, there are times when my body tells me I am definitely not 30 or 40 but 60??? And I look at these adults who are our children, at these 7 young people who call me Grandma.  They certainly are evidence of my age..... but still, how did I get to be this old?
This is certainly a reminder of the fact that life is short, that "stuff" and "things" don't matter very much.
So, what shall I do with the rest of the day?  I told Ron I was going to do "whatever I want!"   And I guess that is what is happening.  One sister brought fresh cinnamon buns for breakfast.  The other sister just called for a long visit.  Three grand daughters and their mother called with birthday wishes.  And so the day has begun very well.....
And since it is almost noon and I am still in my housecoat  I think I better hurry up so that I can "do whatever I want" with the rest of the day.  I may just go shopping...... probably won't buy anything, but I can shop anyway.  Women will understand that concept!
Oh, yes,  a beautiful card greeted me this morning along with a birdbath for the yard.  Bless my dear Ron.....