Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the blahs

I recall the days from grade school, junior and senior high.  It happened again in college and I watched it happen to our kids as they progressed through school.  But I wasn't prepared for a case of the sunday evening blahs, the monday morning blahs that lasted all monday this last weekend.
It was a super weekend with 3 of the 6 kids and 2 or the 7 grandchildren.  I had been fearful of the chaos that I thought would be created by the annual"fly-in breakfast".  That went so smoothly, without a whole lot of pressure.  The whole weekend was just "good", I don't know how else to describe it.
Within an hour after the family drove away I had this dread, heaviness, sadness, ache inside me.  I was lonely, sad, grumpy, empty...... and I retreated into a quiet shell.
So what was that all about?  How can I prevent another attack?  Maybe I just accept it, live it and learn to let it go..... but I am a Grandma for heaven's sake.  Am I not supposed to be mature enough to not let the monday blahs ruin my day?  Will I ever 'grow up'?
Oh, well. Now it is wednesday and I am no longer grumpy but I still have remnants of monday hanging around my heart......