Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who has seen the wind?

..... that is the title of a book by W.O. Mitchell, writing about the life of a boy in Saskatchewan. Good question! and I would add: who has smelled the wind, tasted the wind, held it one's hand, examined it under a microscope. But the effects of the wind are very visible to say the least. Watch the news, look at a newspaper, look out your window and all of us see what havoc the wind can cause. But there is so much 'good' about the wind. Who does not enjoy a breeze on a hot summer day. If you own a sail boat you appreciate the wind. The wind pollinates various crops/ flowers. In mosquito season humans and cattle alike are grateful for wind.

I still don't like wind. In fact a couple of weeks ago when the wind blew day and night I was rather resentful and depressed by the wind. But I know there is 'good' to be found in all things.

I read recently how Jesus described the Holy Spirit to the wind. We don't see the Spirit but he is working anyway. At times we see the results if we pay attention but many times I miss the good or take it for granted.
'who has seen the wind......'?