Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a-coming, part 2

just skimmed through previous posts and noticed my pessimistic anticipation of the coming of winter. Now the mood is different as I see the hope of spring.
FINALLY the temperature is on the plus side of zero, the sun is higher in the sky and more warmth is penetrating through to us, the snow is beginning to melt and yesterday the horned larks were flitting around the rock garden and announcing their return.
Winter has seemed so very long this year in some ways.  In other ways, I can hardly believe March is on the way out.  I have not accomplished all the winter projects that are still piled in the sewing room and in my mind.  I feel as though I have "wasted" a whole lot of time these last months.  Not easy to release this need to "accomplish" and "perform".  On that note, I better move from this spot and actually "do" something.
Spring is coming..........

Monday, March 16, 2009


Truthfully, the main reason for posting the sunrise picture was to see if I could!  I am so very inept at all this stuff!  So I wondered......
I have a story that I have written about my Dad and wanted to put it into a post.  Do you think I can get it there?  I sat here and pulled and pushed and moved and changed..... all I could manage was a picture.  If I had typed the story from a paper I could have had it done in all the time I spent trying to move it on the computer where I wanted it. My technical source, my son, would help I know but I try not to pester with these petty things.
Ah, well, a picture is worth a thousand words I have heard.  It is just that the picture does not relate to the words I wanted to post!
Maybe another time......