Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Up cycle

I keep finding these projects I want to try.  Found an article on cloth paper so now I have bags sitting in my sewing room to collect those bits of fabric that I hate to throw out but that are too small to sew anything with.  Then I looked up felting.  Off to the local thrift shop for wool sweaters.  I closed my eyes to the fact that these sweaters are perfectly good to wear and then dumped them into the washer with hot water and an old pair of jeans.  After a day of washing and drying and washing and drying I have felt.  Now, what will I do with this felt?  Good question... but if I put this into print maybe someone will hold me accountable.
I have some ideas and then I wonder "what will I do with these creations?"  "who would want them?"
But I am having fun and I am beginning to believe that maybe I do have some creativity in me.  And part of the 'fun' is using what is available without spending a lot of $$$$$.  I have a daughter-in-law who inspires me and her example of re-cycling and up-cycling encourages me to try new ideas.
But don't ask to see the sewing/laundry room!  What a disaster!  I get an idea, pull out the necessary 'ingredients' then move on to something else without putting anything away....  I must improve in that department........
And then of course there are meals to make, only for two but he does need some food!  Off to the kitchen..........

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Somewhere in the Bible it talks about the need to become like children.  I had that reminder recently.....
While visiting a family the parents of a 3 year-old told us about her dream.  She told her Mom that she dreamt that God talked to her about not being afraid. She also said that God knew her name. I don't recall all the details about the dream but there were 2 things that I continue to mull over and over.
First, she knew it was God talking to her.  I did a little looking this morning and found verses in John 10 that talk about the sheep knowing the voice of the shepherd.  Way too often I forget or overlook the voice of the Shepherd.  I don't 'hear' a loud audible shout but I know I can hear a quiet, gentle voice in my mind.  Yes, sometimes it is only my own thoughts, but when the words are loving, encouraging, gentle why do I over look them as God.
Second, there seemed to me to be a sense of awe or wonder that God knew her name.  That is a humbling thought for me too.  I get whiney, demanding and overlook the fact that God knows me personally.  He knows my name.  I want to be in awe of that.... to believe that and trust Him.
A little child shall lead them.....
Thank you "Dad and Mom" for telling us about this moment.  I have really benefited from hearing it!