Tuesday, April 12, 2011

spring time water

It would seem to my brain that spring is so painfully slow in coming this year. I did quite well through the darker months of January and February being deprived of sunshine but once March appeared on the calendar and then April with the totally covering of snow as well as dreary, foggy, snowy days I have been on this downward mental slide. I thought that once the sun started to shine and the snow STARTED to melt I would be bright and cheery, ready to tackle anything!
But no, I am fighting to keep my head above water!

Speaking of water......( a different form than what I was referring to in the above), we are into our springtime form of amusement! Are we, the JD Salesman and I, getting so old that we are entertained by spring runoff? Or is it the days-gone-by, having lived in a part of the province where every bit of moisture was treasured that makes us enjoy watching the coulees and streams as they fill and overflow. Whatever it is we have been taking evening drives to survey the melting snow and the flow of water. It really is quite spectacular when we take the time to check the lay of the land, the coulees, the ditches. Last night was particularly impressive. It seemed as though a number of culverts had just broken free of ice because the water had run over the road in many places. We stopped regularly and listened to the sound of the rushing water. It didn't have the same affect as listening to the ocean in Mexico but we still enjoyed it.

The JD Salesman keeps making the effort to check the level of water in our dugout which is at the far end of our quarter. He took the tractor out the other day but was pushing heavy wet snow so he came home. Then it was the Gator but to no avail. The snow is still too deep! And so he waits.......

And I wait too but not to check the water in the dugout. I wait for the cloud to lift from my brain, my mind. In the meantime, I continue to find great pleasure in my sewing room as I finish quilting projects and start new ones.

(how did I get from water to quilting? who knows and what does it matter!)