Wednesday, March 13, 2013

and life goes on.....

As the 'unlikely group of people' met a week ago there was good discussion which came out of Luke 11, the "Lord's Prayer".  What does God allow, what does God plan or design for our lives. ( I was not all that pleased to realize how I hold on to my own 'ideas'!)

But near the end one quiet, gentle lady who has gone through sorrow, the like of which I know nothing about, spoke truth into the situation.  I write what I 'heard'.  It is not a direct quote!

She said that whatever we might believe about 'thy will be done', does God allow or design the situations we find in life does not change the outcome.  People get sick, they die, they have accidents.  But what we do with the outcome of these things in life is what will affect the remainder  of OUR lives.  She spoke of the 'size' of God and again I realized how small I see God to be.  I said in my last post that God is God and God is good but I don't think I really know what that means, I don't comprehend God. My God is too small, again.....

The encouragement that comes to me is the reality of God's love,  He does not condemn me for my lacking of understanding.  He loves me and shows me once again His goodness.  He knows I am frail but continues to gently teach me.  Such a safe place, this God of love and grace.

And when I doubt and wonder and question I come back to the reality of what God has done inside of me.  I am often blind to His involvement in the situations of life but I know the change He has made and continues to make inside me.  Then I come back again to trust and faith in a God who is good.

For Danielle's family life must find a new normal.  And we ask God for grace and strength for them  to do life well as they grieve and live.

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Peggy said...

I also know that God is good because of the change He has made inside me. I agree with what your wise friend said, that bad things will happen because we live in a fallen world but that He can bring good out of any bad that happens to us if we just let Him. Because He is good and He is love and He will never fail us.