Wednesday, April 24, 2013

prenuptial agreement, cowboy style, old-time cowboy style!

These were the three conditions presented to the one he wanted to marry:

1.  I believe in tithing.  We have to agree to tithe what we know is God's.

2.  I can't be trusted with much money so I know we will never have a lot.  Our needs will be met but there won't be much extra.

3.  Don't try to talk me out of horses.

She didn't seem to have any problem with these conditions!  So, she agreed to marry this handsome cowboy from Youngstown.  That was well over 60 years ago.  I know they kept tithing.  (I only know because if that is what they said they would do they did it!).  It appears they never had a lot of money but they always had enough.  She never talked him out of the horse issue but after a tangle with a particularly ornery one he settled for quieter involvement that did not include having to break them.

When it became clear they would not be able to have their own children they began caring for others who did not have parents who could.  And now, these adult kids are there to help the parents who provided for them.

At one point when health issues started to arise, the doctor asked is he had ever had any serious injuries.  "No", was the reply.  "But I was dragged across the prairie behind a wagon one time.  Then there was the time a horse........  But no, nothing serious."  Yeah. Right.

Uncle and Auntie still live in their own home, home care helps as needed.  Auntie bakes bread and buns, makes all the meals, sews drapes and bags from leftover drape fabric.  (anyone who visits will probably take one home!)  Uncle loves a phone call once a week from the JD Salesman and also the company that stops from time to time.

Thanks for the example of commitment!  We love you!

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Peggy said...

That was such a sweet post. They sound like people I wish I had known. You are blessed to have them in your family. I hope for the best for them as they age. it's good that others are there to help them.